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At each meeting one of our members is invited to give a 10 minute presentation on a subject of their choice. Here's a brief overview of what was said: 

Friday 22nd January 2016 
James Foley 
J Foley Electrical Ltd 
Most of us are into saving money these days, right? 
Surfing the web for the latest deals on everything from mortgages to TVs is a way of life. But have you ever considered saving hundreds of pounds each year simply by changing your light bulbs? 
There’s a reason why you see road signs and street lights being swapped for LED equivalents everywhere you turn. It’s because this simple switch, while requiring some initial outlay, pays for itself over and over again in no time – as well as providing a better light quality and being better for the environment. 
Quite frankly, this is an opportunity not to be missed. 
That said, it’s one that many of the customers I deal with day-to-day are missing out on – largely due to a lack of information about how lighting technology has moved on over the last 10 years. Many of the home and business owners I speak to have dabbled with LED lamps at some point in the last decade and been disappointed because they were too dim, too expensive, didn’t last very long or flickered annoyingly. 
So I’m here to tell you things have changed, and provide you with the following food for thought: 
• An LED lamp will last as long as 20 ordinary lightbulbs 
• Things have moved on dramatically and dull, oversized, unreliable, ugly looking low energy lightbulbs have been replaced by sophisticated LED technology 
• Because they are lower wattage, they are 84% cheaper to run – times that by the number of lamps you have in your home and you can begin to calculate how much you could save in lighting costs 
• You get what you pay for and it’s important to choose a quality lamp – you should typically expect to pay between £4 and £12 for one 
• When you’re choosing a lamp, look at the lumen (lm) output, not the wattage, as this will tell you how bright it is. The higher this number, the brighter the bulb 
• LEDs are now very varied and flexible, and you can buy them in all shapes and sizes – from outside security lights to dimmable mood lighting for your home and large scale industrial lighting. As well as saving money, switching them can provide a welcome excuse to change the ambiance of your home 
• It’s important to choose the right lamp for the right job – for example, you need specifically labelled ones for dimmable lights 
• If you’re at all unsure, it’s worth seeking an electrician’s advice before purchasing – they may even be able to supply and fit them more cost effectively than you could yourself. 
By James Foley, Owner of Driffield-based J Foley Electrical Ltd 
Friday 4th March 2016 
Mark Titcombe 
Yorkshire Media 
Every business owner knows that having a website is critical in today’s competitive marketplace.... 
....but many don’t know what their website should actually be achieving for their business. 
The simple answer is that it should be doing exactly what a sales person would be doing: bringing in sales. 
But how do you know if your website has what it takes to engage with your target audience, and inspire people to pick up the phone or click on ‘Buy Now’? 
What makes a great website? 
1. An eye-catching homepage, that tells the visitor exactly what the website is all about, and is easy to navigate. There’s nothing more frustrating than jumping from page to page looking for information or products, and not finding what you’re looking for. 
2. The homepage also needs to be uncluttered, not too much information or adverts. If you’ve typed a specific query into Google, you want to be taken to a site that matches the query, not some random page that might have something to offer but more than likely won’t fulfil your needs. 
3. Visual content is so important in today’s market: pictures and videos are processed much quicker than the written word and have more impact when combined with stunning and relevant content. 
4. Concise information is critical to get the message across without waffling or going off the point. In todays fast-paced society people want information quickly – waiting is so yesterday! 
5. Websites that are kept updated with new content, images, customer reviews and blog articles are more appealing and are more likely to rank well with Google, getting ranked higher and therefore more likely to be seen by potential customers. 
6. A well-written description (the bit that appears on your Google listing) is imperative, including a brief description of your business, contact details and a call to action such as “Call now for a quote” or “Visit us at...”. 
7. Social media continues to be all the rage, so links to your well maintained social media pages are essential, as is a link to your website from your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. 
8. Search Engine Optimisation is the art of putting all these things into practice to help your website achieve the best possible Google rankings, whether you are able to do this yourself or employ the services of an SEO specialist. 
The trick to having a great website is to choose a website design / marketing agency who you feel understands your business, and who have in-house expertise in website design and development, SEO, copywriting, graphic design, branding, marketing, social media management, and photography – and who won’t charge you the earth for their services. 
Employing the right agency will enable you to get on with what you do best: running your company. 
Friday 18th March 2016 
Driffield Golf Club PGA Professional Kenton Wright 
Kenton came along and spoke about his early golfing memories as a junior golfer at Hornsea and learning to play golf with his father. He became attached to the game and went on to represent the Hornsea and the East Riding at scratch league level. 
He joined Hull Golf Club to attain PGA qualifications and once fully qualified furthered his career as Head Professional at two separate clubs in northern Germany. Fifteen years later he returned to England and joined up with Driffield Golf Club.  
Kenton spoke about his current duties such as managing the Pro's Shop and about the overall business facilities and management of the golf club. He mentioned how design of golf equipment over the years has improved to make the game easier to play.  
Finally Kenton discussed his role as an enthusiastic golf instructor and how advances in visual feedback technology and various teaching devices can help a coach teach both new and experienced golfers how to quickly improve. 
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